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Free Network Assessment in Alberta

Our free network audit will show you surefire ways to put an end to your IT problems

If you are a business in Edmonton, Calgary or anywhere in Alberta and have 1 or more Windows servers and 10 to 150 computers, we’d like to give you a free detailed problem prevention audit worth $600 (with no sales pressure or obligation to buy anything). We will send a senior IT technician to your office to conduct a thorough assessment of your network.

Alberta network assessment

Here’s a list of just a few things we’ll do:

  • An investigatory report on your IT network
  • An overall risk score of your network
  • Faults and configuration errors
  • Network performance summaries
  • System performance summaries
  • Vulnerability summaries and detailed assessments
  • Patch summaries and detailed assessments
  • IT asset summaries
  • Consultancy meeting with one of our experts

Syncsys will provide you a written report (in plain English) outlining any problem areas, potential areas of concern, and where things are running fine. Our report will include recommendations for putting an end to any computer issues and leveraging what you currently have to make your business more productive.

During the audit, our IT support technician may even be able to make a couple of quick fixes (free of charge and with your permission) that could instantly eliminate a problem or two you’ve been experiencing.

Book your FREE network assessment today!