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Cyber Security in Alberta

Protect your data with managed cyber security services from Syncsys

Alberta Cyber Security

Don’t let cyber security threats place your business at risk. Big name companies tend to make the headline for IT breaches, but cyber criminals are more likely to exploit security loopholes within small businesses. Small businesses typically lack security patches and controls, and cyber criminals know they can easily penetrate these networks. A cyber attack can be crippling to your Alberta business – but only if you are ill-prepared. Our proactive cyber security services are designed to protect your network from intruders and bring you peace of mind. 

Syncsys believes in a proactive approach to the safety of your business that results in well-designed and comprehensive cyber security solutions.

Cyber security solutions from Syncsys include:

  •  Network Security – we protect your network with a properly configured firewall, intrusion prevention, VPNs and other advanced cyber security measures.
  • Device Management – we identify, track, secure and encrypt all your devices so your employees can work securely from anywhere. 
  • Employee Training – your biggest security threat is sitting in your office. We provide user training so your team can identify suspicious online activity and protect your sensitive data. 
  • Data Security – do you have granular control over which users and devices can access certain files? Our IT security specialists will put policies in place to control access and limit where your sensitive data lives. 

We partner with some of the best security software vendors in the world to deliver best-in-class protection for your company’s networks. Fewer disruptions and downtime means your employees can focus on doing their jobs, and you’ll benefit from increased efficiency and productivity.

Proactive IT Support that moves your business forward!