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Cloud Server in Alberta

100% Canadian, Alberta based cloud servers

Alberta cloud server

Syncsys can create a cloud-based network for your organization that will increase productivity, decrease network downtime, and keep your data safer. Enjoy easy and secure access to your file server on the cloud, your line of business application or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

In the past, companies were tied to a single server or group of servers that were installed onsite with little or no redundancies. If the server was down, so was your business. Cloud servers on the other hand offer more flexibility and reliability. Having your network in the cloud simply means that it automatically syncs to several web-based servers via the internet, dramatically reducing downtime. It also allows your employees to log into your network from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

A cloud server implementation from Syncsys allows you to take advantage of our robust, reliable and redundant IT infrastructure. 

Cloud servers from Syncsys are:

  • Scalable – your technology can easily grow along with your business.
  • Customizable – we build your IT solution around your specific business requirements.
  • Mobile – access your files and applications from anywhere, anytime.
  • Affordable – cost-effective technology that pays for itself.

Cloud servers from Syncsys will allow you to minimize downtime since the servers are hosted in a reliable and redundant tier 3 data centre in Alberta. With our proactive IT management, you will also be able to free up time wasted on looking after your physical infrastructure and the down time associated with IT infrastructure that has a single point of failure.

Let the experts at Syncsys take your IT into the cloud!