How can you quickly recover from an IT disaster?

How can you quickly recover from an IT disaster?

Data is the most valuable resource that a company can own. Sadly, it is also often the least well-protected. Every year, thousands of Canadian businesses lose key data to preventable causes, with consequences ranging from security breaches to compromised operational continuity. In many cases, data loss can result in legal liability for the company that failed to protect its assets, as happened to Sony Inc., in 2014 after their systems were breached by hackers.

Edmonton business continuity plan

A Business Continuity Plan, along with a Disaster Recovery Plan are the blueprints for how companies survive everything from a major equipment failure to a natural disaster. In particular, businesses with less than 100 employees, generally lack the in-house IT resources to achieve the demanding planning, technical and process requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Syncsys Business Continuity Planning
We can help you put a comprehensive managed and monitored backup regime in place. Our custom business continuity plans include:

  • Clear identification of the objectives, including disruption tolerance
  • A time-frame for the recovery
  • A system in place to mitigate risk
  • Automatic fail-over
  • Local and offsite backups
  • System failure notifications

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