How Edmonton businesses are benefiting from world class IT Support

How Edmonton businesses are benefiting from world class IT Support

In this blog post, we will contrast two IT support models - a reactive IT support model versus a proactive one. Many Edmonton businesses are realizing the benefit of proactive IT support. When it comes to the state of your IT infrastructure , you need it to work reliably. With proactive IT support, you will have a well-performing and reliable IT infrastructure.

Reactive IT Support
Traditionally, your IT support company worked a lot like a plumber. You would call them when something broke and they would come to fix it. They would respond to your call and proceed to look at the problem, troubleshoot it and send you a bill for their time after fixing the issue.

This method of support was completely reactionary. The service was judged by how quickly they could come and fix it. Often times by the time the problem was addressed, their was already a great deal of damage to your business. Perhaps you lost some data and most certainly incurred reduced productivity because of the downtime. That is a very outdated model of IT support known as Break/Fix. The more things went wrong, the more the IT support company was paid.

Proactive IT Support
As a leading IT Support and Management company, we’ve moved beyond the outdated Break/Fix method of support. We deliver a clearly defined set of technical services on an ongoing basis at a fixed cost, known as Managed IT Services. This means no surprises as your IT support costs are predictable and budgeted for. Our proactive approach to IT is focused on preventing small problems before they become large, expensive ones. We identify and fix problems before they create downtime. We use the latest available technology to monitor your network 24/7 and apply updates and patches as necessary.

We Act as Your Very Own IT Department
Many small and medium businesses have found it to be inefficient to run their own IT department. Managed Services makes sense as we are able to look after all their IT needs for a predictable monthly fee. Businesses benefit from having a team of skilled technicians optimize and manage their network infrastructure, take proactive care of their systems and provide support at a fixed cost that is typically much less than the cost of an in-house employee or team. As your trusted partner, we will assist your business in budgeting and planning for an optimal IT environment.